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Strategic Process
“The team's technical and management expertise resulted in a well-designed and fast-performing customer relationship management system.”
Marcus Bailey
Colorado Springs
Police Department
Our proprietary Strategic Process ensures you get a no-nonsense solution to meet your real business need. We guide each project through our proven 5-step process. And because every project is unique, our Strategic Process is flexible and scalable to accommodate your project — from discovery to delivery.
1. Discovery Phase
To ensure success, we'll launch your project with an in-depth Discovery session, which reveals requirements from all perspectives. We'll meet with you and your team to brainstorm and, together, build foundational assumptions, directions, and realistic goals for the project.
In addition, we conduct other analysis as necessary. Depending on your project, this may include hands-on experience with your databases and other technologies, reviewing existing documentation, and interviewing stakeholders. Our goal is to understand your business, your customers' needs, and the strategic goals for your project.
  • Project plan including project scope, detailed timeline, and estimated costs
  • Technical requirements document with implementation strategies
2. Design Phase
Here, we conceptualize the users' experience at the "what, why, and how" levels. For example: What can users do? Why will they want to do it? How will they do it?
Understanding these key components helps us build a productive user experience — whether the users are your customers, prospects, customer service team, technical team, or other employees. And whether the solution involves a database-driven website, custom software, or interactive multimedia tool.
Depending on the project, we may hold focus groups representing your customer demographics to evaluate designs, logos, and interactive content. And, when appropriate, we conduct user-interface testing to ensure the navigation for complex projects is easy and user-friendly. This step is particularly useful when developing decision-tree content that leads website visitors through complex e-commerce sales.
Our no-nonsense approach and commonsense solutions ensure users' needs are met simply and effectively. Plus, cross-disciplinary discussions between our technical team and yours guarantee highly integrated front-end and back-end solutions.
  • Creative brief
  • Flow diagrams
  • Content outline
  • Content map
  • Design concepts
  • Storyboards
3. Develop Phase
Here, we build your project! Our technical team tests extensively throughout the Develop Phase. This provides a solid foundation of quality assurance as we weave together project components.
  • Alpha product
  • Beta product
4. Launch Phase
We now transfer your project from our development platform to our staging platform for exhaustive testing. We use project-specific test scripts to test all site components, including back-end integration and interactive, multimedia elements.
At this juncture, you review your project, ensure it meets the agreed-upon goals, and give final approval. We then move your project to its final platform, conduct final testing, and ensure the live solution is stable and successful.
  • Final product
  • Maintenance document
5. Evolve Phase
Don't worry, we don't "launch and run"! We consider our clients to be our partners. One of our key philosophies is building long-term relationships with our partners to help them meet evolving business needs.
This means we'll ensure your solution evolves with your business. We'll touch base with you to conduct periodic evaluations. And if your business goals, messaging, or technical requirements shift, we can reevaluate the solution, brainstorm technical and creative solutions, and recommend a specific course of action.
  • Evolution plan
  • Maintenance plan
From discovery to delivery, we ensure the solution meets your business need.
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