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“The team's technical and management expertise resulted in a well-designed and fast-performing customer relationship management system.”
Marcus Bailey
Colorado Springs
Police Department
In 1998, the progressive Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) developed a digital mug shot system to replace the antiquated process of thumbing through heavy mug shot books. This system enabled the CSPD to record photographs and related personal information for anyone booked for a crime. In addition, the system allowed criminal investigators to build photographic lineups by grouping a suspect’s photograph with photos of people with similar physical characteristics.
However, by 2002 the CSPD needed to rebuild its digital mug shot system to address severe limitations. The new system needed to be standardized on Microsoft .NET development tools to ensure it would evolve with the CSPD’s needs.
The visionbox and CSPD team identified six primary goals for the new digital mug shot system in these categories: .NET technology, accessibility, security, audit trail, uptime, and training and documentation.
With these goals in place, work began to design and develop a flexible, robust system. visionbox designed two key applications: MugShot and Lineup. Together these applications comprise the new digital mug shot system.
The MugShot application enables police personnel to quickly and easily capture photographs and related information about booked individuals. The MugShot application is a standard client application written in VB.NET. CSPD personnel use a digital camera to capture front and side images of booked individuals, and then use a simple data-entry form to record personal information such as name, birth date, hair color, facial hair style, etc. New records are immediately available to users of the Lineup application.
The Lineup application empowers users to build photographic lineups for the investigative process. Since the Lineup application must be available to a wide audience, visionbox built an easy-to-use web-based application using ASP.NET. With this application in place, multiple police officers and officials can access the Lineup, as long as they have the proper credentials and security passwords. The Lineup application currently holds more than 100,000 photos that can be accessed and formed into an appropriate lineup within seconds.
Both applications utilize an SQL Server 2000 database. To achieve the goal of a robust security model, the system utilizes Windows Authentication for the MugShot and Lineup applications. Access to both applications is controlled by a user’s network account. This gives CSPD network administrators the ability to closely control who has access to the applications.
To fulfill the mandate for a robust auditing system, visionbox developed custom audit components that record the actions of system users. This robust system enables the CSPD to view a comprehensive audit trail for every record in the system.
Finally, visionbox designed and developed applications to achieve maximum uptime. Since they went live, both applications have exceeded their aggressive uptime requirements.
Note: The screen shots do not contain actual data or mug shots. They simply represent a visual depiction of the working application.